Sheriff John Ingram  

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office is the most profound statement as to the dedication, integrity and expertise of Sheriff Ingram. These qualities of his outstanding leadership are reflected in the daily operations of the Sheriff's Office, its staff, officers and deputies and in the beneficial programs that have been created and implemented by Sheriff Ingram and made available to every citizen of Brunswick County. His decisions within the Sheriff's Office command the respect and loyalty of everyone working in the Office. His word is his bond! As is evident from his accomplishments, Sheriff Ingram believes in serving every citizens of Brunswick County and values each citizens' rights. We are extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding, accomplished and dedicated individual serving as our Sheriff.

Jo Ann Klug    July 27, 2018   Southport   
Dear Sheriff Ingram,  

We are pleased to be volunteers for the Sheriff's Office and see first hand how well the Office is managed under your guidance. The people of Brunswick County are very fortunate to have this agency serving them. It's been our pleasure and honor to be associated with you and this fine organization.

Bruce and Monique Stenquist    July 7, 2018   Southport   
Defined Leader  

Sheriff John Ingram,

I've been afforded the privilege of being a member of the community you so proudly protect and an employee of the staff you so humbly call family. Your character of poise and hard work support your destiny of being a great leader. Thank you for your consistency and dedication to Brunswick County.

Thank you
Debra H.

Debra Hardy    July 24, 2018   Shallotte   
Best Sheriff Ever!  

The citizens of Brunswick County are fortunate to be led by Sheriff Ingram. He is a forward-thinker, trusted and visionary leader, and thorough in carrying out the responsibilities of his job. He expects the same of his co-workers and is not content with leaving things broken or incomplete.

Sheriff Ingram knows the importance of keeping good communications with the communities he will serve, his department and other county officials. He is honest, reliable, and willing to work long hours for the citizens he serves. Please join me in re-electing Sheriff John Ingram.

Allison    July 3, 2018   Shallotte, NC   

It has been a true privilege and honor to work alongside Sheriff Ingram. As Sheriff of Brunswick County, he is one of the most down to earth human beings that you'll find. With the weight of the county on his shoulders, he leads by example to protect, serve and keep us all safe. I am happy to call him not only my co-worker but also my friend. I am blessed to have the opportunity of working with him in the future.

Felicia Woodard    August 8, 2018   Supply   
First Class Sheriff's Office  

As a participant in Class #23 of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, Citizens Law Enforcement Academy I was fortunate to personally experience many facets of the Sheriff's Office and the strong respect and admiration for Sheriff John Ingram by the entire staff. He has led this office by example and outstanding leadership. The training and technology is second to none. I am now a citizen volunteer in the Sheriff's Office and continue to witness the dedication of all members of this Office. Brunswick County needs to continue to have Sheriff Ingram's leadership, he deserves everyone's vote.

Dick Ishler    July 18, 2018   St James   
Help OURSELVES by Re-Electing Sheriff John Ingram  

Sheriff Ingram is a sincere, capable, fair and impartial public servant who has turned Brunswick County around in his short time as Sheriff. He is dedicated, articulate, sensitive to the needs of our varying community and a friend to us ALL, without consideration of ANY outside influences. I have had the honor of working for Sheriff Ingram for some eight years as a VOICE volunteer and have personal knowledge of his successes, his efforts and his policies. It is imperative to ALL the residents of Brunswick County that we retain this outstanding leader as our Sheriff. I urge your impartial vote for Sheriff Ingram in the upcoming election. We CAN NOT afford to lose his leadership in Brunswick County!

Robert C. Jerome    July 7, 2018   Southport, NC 28461